I had a great time doing a couple of interviews during the release of You Can’t Put God in a Box, and both of them are now available online. I hope you like them!

  • Bob Francis of In Print Radio read the entire book and asked a lot of very thoughtful questions, and you can listen to or download that interview here. My part comes at 6:30 (after a slightly racy reading from Gregg Cebrzynski’s latest novel!) and lasts about 45 minutes.)
  • Creativity coach Jamie Ridler hosts a weekly podcast called Creative Living with Jamie, and she asked about my creative life, the book, and my experience of writing and publishing. My part starts about nine minutes in, and we talk for 25 minutes. You can download this interview from iTunes (search podcasts for “Jamie Ridler talks to Kelly Besecke”) or listen to it at this link: Creative Living with Jamie: Kelly Besecke.