Kickin’ It Day 10: Show and Tell

Today is Show and Tell at the Kickin’ It Old Skool! I remember my dog, Socks, coming to school when I was a kid, and I wish I could show you him! Black, white, and brown, very fuzzy and cute.

Instead, here’s some of my painting. I have a thing for Claude Monet, and when I started painting, I began by making my own renditions of some of his. Not that I have a clue how to make mine sparkle like he did. He was so brilliant.

Here’s one:


My rendition of Monet’s The Seine at Argenteuil, Autumn 1873

And here’s another:


My rendition of Monet’s Haystacks at Sunset, 1889

The bottom one was my first ever painting as an adult, and it’s still my favorite, though most people prefer the top one.

And because they’re too gorgeous not to share, here are Monet’s originals:


Monet’s The Seine at Argenteuil, Autumn 1873


Monet’s Haystacks at Sunset, 1889


13 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Day 10: Show and Tell

  1. Ginny

    Kelly, your paintings are beautiful. Monet is also a favorite of mine. You have captured his work beautifully. I am so glad that you shared your work. It is really lovely.

  2. S.M. Hutchins

    Wow! Those are beautiful! I especially like the first one with the trees and the water. The reflection and ripples are stunning. As someone who doesn’t paint (but would kind of like to try), I am in awe of how you can bring so much life to two dimensions. Lovely.


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