Kickin’ It Day 12: Ten Things

Today at Kickin’ It Old Skool, we’re sharing ten things we know for sure. There is very little that I know for sure, but I came up with ten:

    1. When you blend raw baby spinach into your fruit smoothie, you can’t taste the spinach.
    2. Vitamixes rock. So does the internet, and so do these things:

      head thing

      Head massage-y thing.

    3. There should be a name for that pink-orange color you get at sunsets and on the tops of wheat fields.
    4. We’re all different. (I’m not!)
    5. The sun. I know it for sure.
    6. The Hawaiian language is as beautiful as the Hawaiian landscape.
    7. Dogs and dolphins have got it going on.


      Dogs and a dolphin, with it going on.

    8. Truth and kindness.
    9. Only a handful of things really matter. Everything else should be fun or it isn’t worth doing.
    10. You know, books and music and art and storytelling, and the color of grass, and that kind of thing.


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