Kickin’ It Day 13: My first…

Today, Jamie and Shannon have asked us to write about our first time at . . . something. (Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit of a dangerous prompt?)

I’ve been trying to not always post about my book, because after all, I’ve talked about very little else lately, and I do sometimes do other things. But today, it would be artificial to try to talk about some other first, because this is the first first that I thought of as a first that was really great.

So here it is again, my very first book:


And if you’d like to hear me talk about this first, here’s a link to my interview on Creative Living with Jamie:

Creative Living with Jamie: Kelly Besecke

(I’m coming back to edit this because I realized I could also have written about my oldest niece! First baby. I took care of her as her nanny for a lot of her first year of life, but those photos are packed away. Here’s her gorgeous, amazing, athletic, vibrant self now:)


Alyson and her dog Jodie


Alyson at the Bulls game



5 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Day 13: My first…

  1. Ginny

    Kelly, I would be shouting from the hilltops if I had my first book published. You have every right to be incredibly proud of a wonderful accomplishment. I too enjoyed the podcast very much.

    Your niece is beautiful. How lucky for both of you that you got to share so much time with her during her very important first year.


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