Kickin’ It Day 14: One-Sentence Saturday – From a Book

Today, our instructions are to grab the third book in on our top shelf of books and share the first sentence.

I cheated. I admit it. But seriously, look at this bookshelf:


And that’s just one of the five bookshelves I have going on. Which book is the third one in on the top shelf? I didn’t know, so I approximated and chose this:

In our day the autonomy of individual existence appears to have become problematic.

That’s from Thomas Luckmann’s The Invisible Religion, a classic about how religion isn’t just what happens in churches—it’s also about what happens “invisibly,” in and among individuals as they work out questions of spiritual meaning.



2 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Day 14: One-Sentence Saturday – From a Book

  1. TinkNL

    At least you have shelves; a lot of my books are in boxes. 🙁 I love pictures of bookshelves so I can have a peek into the titles. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting!


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