Kickin’ It Day 17: Free Association

Today, Jamie and Shannon have given us five words to free associate with:

1. River. I remember sitting and looking at the Cannon River in Northfield, Minnesota with my friends Kim and Juan. I asked them what they thought of as they looked at the river. Juan, a physicist, said “wave motion.” Kim, a German major who had been to Austria, told us about an Austrian short story in which the main characters took a river to a fairy land—or maybe it was a story about river fairies… I said travel.

2. Fresh. Air. And the bright colors of fruits and vegetables.

3. Escape. “There is no…”?  Also the escape key on my keyboard.

4. Moment. This one. No, this one. No, this one. Wait, this one. 😉

5. Night. The glories of the night sky. Being a moon baby. The stars and the music of the spheres and swinging on the stars like a monkey and The Little Prince and waving to other people on other planets also gazing at the stars. And the Fourth of July. And lying on a road in Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin before heading back to our campsite, gazing up at the Milky Way, happy, happy, happy… And perspective. And truth. And an event I went to once called “Stardust, Telescopes, and God”: an astronomer and a professor of religious studies there to talk about the night sky before we all went out and looked through telescopes.


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