Kickin’ It Day 19: Things in my Bag

Today, Jamie and Shannon ask us “What are ten things currently in your bag?” I love this prompt! I’m finding that I’m a voyeur and love getting a peek into other people’s work spaces, houses, bookshelves, bags…

My purse is boring, so I’m sharing what’s currently in this bag that I take with me when I think I might have extra time somewhere, or when I’m purposely going out to a coffee shop for play time. I guess in the back of my mind, I call it my Creativity Bag.


The bag in its place by the door.

Here’s what’s in it at the mo’:


1. My book, protected by a plastic bag, in case it needs to be sold or have its picture taken.
2. Mehndi Designs, a coloring book for grown-ups.
3. 96 crayons, baby! Loosely organized by color.
4.Ā Cold Turkey at Nine, a memoir I’m currently reading.
5. Scribble It! A book of color-them-in-yourself postcards that my brother-in-law’s cousin Jonathan gave me.

Hm, that’s only five things. I’ll see if there’s anything interesting in my purse.

Contents of my purse.

Contents of my purse.

6. The most interesting thing here is actually the piece of paper, which is the ticket for a show I went to last week, courtesy of my friend Jeanel, at Austin’s beautiful Paramount Theater. It was The Moth, and it was excellent. Five great true stories, five great real-life storytellers.

7. Cool hardbound little notebook I got as a gift, great because ordinary softcover little notepads get all messed up in my purse.

8. Pretty red little wallet, also a gift, that I use to hold my thousand and one discount cards, gift cards, membership cards, etc.

9. The purse itself was a gift from my parents last Christmas.

10. So was the GPS, which lives in my purse because my last one went wonky after too many days in the heat of a closed car during Austin summers.

11. And while I’m at it, the wallet was a gift from my sister’s family!

Neat! I didn’t realize my purse was full of so many gifts! Perfect for Christmas time. šŸ™‚

Relatedly and belatedly, I wish for all your wishes to come true!

4 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Day 19: Things in my Bag

  1. Deborah Weber

    I totally love the peeks into each other’s worlds, spaces, bags too – such fun! I love your Creativity Bag – and seeing that box of 96 crayons and Mehndi coloring book has me jonesing. I’m pretty sure I need to start the new year with a new box of crayons, and the bigger the better.


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