Kickin’ It Day 8: Share Where You Blog!

photoHere’s my desk! This is actually the perfect time for it to have its photo taken because it was just decluttered yesterday. The guided tour:

  • On the left we have my bed. (I live in a very small space. This also means that I have an extremely short commute.)
  • My computer is all happy, just back from being upgraded and tuned up by the wonderful people at Happy Mac. My browser is open to Suzie’s Eclectic Scrapbook, and behind that I have rotating images that are scans of this year’s vision cards, an idea I got from collage-and-computer-goddess Jamie Ridler.
  • My sister gave me that lovely vase of purple flowers.
  • One of the pens was bought especially for signing copies of my new book, on the recommendation of my writing buddy Earl Russell, who bought the same kind of pen for signing his new book.
  • The glass is plastic because I have a dropping-and-breaking-things disorder.
  • Light box on top of the printer to counteract seasonal depression. It gets less use here in Austin than it did up north, but it’s still invaluable to me.
  • That box underneath is not really holding a toaster oven, but file folders and office supplies. Same with the box next to it. The magazine tray on top was just yesterday totally cleared of a stack of papers that went nearly up to the top of the handle.
  • The boxes on the left, behind the chair, are holding my collection of Archie Comics, yes indeedy. And on top of that is one binder with my dissertation in it, and another binder with the manuscript of my book in it, featuring margin comments written by my book’s best friend, Colleen Moore.
  • I love my windows. This one looks out onto a big overgrown lantana bush, and beyond that, our backyard, garage apartment and laundry room, and a big ol’ tree.
Big ol' tree

Big ol’ tree.


Lantana bush in the summer.




7 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Day 8: Share Where You Blog!

  1. Ginny

    I love this Kelly. It is so nice to see where you live and work. When I look out at my backyard today I see rain and lots of fallen leaves. It does not look very pretty Your beautiful flowers just brightened my Sunday.

  2. Jen Allen

    It’s a lovely space in which to create! I am jealous of your flowers – with our cold snap, everything has turned dreary here. In fact, today it is still foggy here on the Gulf Coast.

    (& my dissertation lives in a drawer in my desk. I need to ask to have it bound. That would be a good gift)

  3. Ceanne

    I love your little space, especially that you get to look outside directly. That’s my favorite view for creativy–nature. I have SAD too and you just made me remember to get mine out…if I can remember where I packed it… Have a great day!

  4. Paula

    Great space, Kelly! Love the flowers and I used to read Archie comics all the time as a kid. Does that date me?
    Thanks for dropping by WingsOpen. By the way your new book looks good! Congratulations. 🙂

  5. Joyfully Donna

    I think your space is lovely – so full of light! I, too, loved to read Archie Comics as a kid. I would hang a blanket/sheet from my canopy bed top and make a kind of tent and read for hours. I have grocery bags full of them (back when grocery bags were made of paper) – I so wish I still had them!


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